E-sports association

For football players, there is the KNVB, KNZB for swimmers, tennis players have KNTB. Every sport has its own sports association. Gaming is within a period of several years, the most popular sport in the world. In the Netherlands, they also own tied for gamers: the E-sports association. The E-sports association is one of the main partners of the FUN-IE-FIT.

The E-sports association has been involved in the FUN-IE-FIT from the drawing boards. The directors had a major input into the plan and made include the unique combination of exergames (motion games) and tactical games. The union officials were invaluable in advising on equipment, options and special applications.

Still, the E-sports association is an important partner of the FUN-IE-FIT. The union considers the game, sports and health as its ultimate expertise and training and the best location for keeping interesting demos, training, competitions, tournaments and leagues. The FUN-IE-FIT they will also find a place to try out the latest games and equipment.
In the E-sports association game associations are connected. Similarly Tactix, the e-sports in Almelo who plays in the FUN-IE-FIT competitions and training. Tactix adheres to the rules of the E-sports association and work with the union together in the field of competition, league and tournament organization.

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