People with physical disabilities

The FUN-IE-FIT is perhaps the most - amazing- place in the world for people with physical disabilities ( in a wheelchair ). For in FUN-IE-FIT they can play football, hockey, catching frogs, racing in a racing car, wild water rafting. They can do anything and everything. Against any random opponent. Because computer can take over functions and make them be able to participate as if they have no disabilities at all.

The games in the FUN -IE- FIT are not only relaxing , but also a great workout for numerous functions . And it is very fun, ofcourse. The FUN-IE-FIT has been extensively tested by wheelchair users Johan and Alinda and they were very excited. Johan put it in a broadcast EénVandaag as followed: "When I’m in the FUN-IE-FIT I forget about my disability”.

Whether people can walk with difficulty or have a hard time moving their arms, it does not matter. The FUN-IE-FIT can do anything. Even wheelchair users who can only use their toe or mouth are able to fully participate in the FUN-IE-FIT. Especially for them there is a state of the art control panel that can be adjusted on the functions of participants. Try it out! The FUN-IE-FIT may issue an appeal to the (wheelchair) transportation of the Klup Twente if necessary.

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