FUN-IE-FIT starts moving groups for the elderly and very elderly in the spring of 2014. They can join in groups customized exercise programs in the FUN-IE-FIT, combined with exercises in the experience and move around the garden Siebelink House (weather permitting). The classes are taught by certified trainers / physical therapists.

FUN-IE-FIT is a special destination for excursions. People over 65 get a tour of the FUN-IE-FIT , explore all the possibilities of the FUN-IE-FIT and experience what it is it like to play too ( all levels are possible ).

FUN-IE-FIT also provides all the fun workshops for people over 65 . Workshops gaming ( what are my grandchildren doing with their computer and telephone) , workshops, social media ( what is twitter and facebook  and will I like it too) Workshop ‘moving’ in the FUN-IE-FIT ( is it something for me too? ) .

The Klup Twente may provide group transportation . There are also opportunities for a nice lunch or a meal together . Excursion programs are fitted to their requirement. Groups start at 6 people and up.