For who

The FUN- IE - FIT is for everyone. From kindergarten to the very elderly. For able-bodied people , athletes and people in wheelchairs . For people with disabilities , but also for professors among us. For everyone there is an adequate supply in the FUN -IE- FIT. Children from mainstream schools can join the e – sports club Tactix .

Youth in secondary education can also contact the e – sports club Tactix who trains in the FUN -IE- FIT . Young adults and adults can visit the e – sports club Tactix . There, teams are trained to participate in local , regional , national and international competitions . The FUN- IE - FIT offers exercise , sports and learning activities for:

  • children in mainstream schools
  • youth from mainstream secondary schools
  • young adults ( studying or working )
  • adults
  • elderly and very elderly
  • children in special education
  • youth from special secondary education
  • adults with disabilities
  • children and adults with physical disabilities (including wheelchair users)
  • athletes
  • professional athletes
  • businesses, institutions and organizations