Tactix E-sports

The FUN-IE-FIT is rented at fixed intervals and used by the e-sports Tactix. The game club for children, youth and adults who love to play games, there will be more and more, and also in competition (local, regional , national and international) to gaming. Tactix has three different age groups: the Toons (8-12 year olds), Woots (12-16 year olds) and Grinders (16 years and older). The three gaming all at different times in the FUN -IE- FIT and all en suit age program.

The Toons gaming especially with movement games from Wii, Playstation Move and Kinect on Xbox. All games are geared to young children. The Woots gaming supervised alternating with motion games of Wii , Playstation Move and Kinect on Xbox and games on the rapid game PCs. There are only games that used to do the follow Pegi ratink (carefully selected rating list which games are appropriate for any age). The Woots play only non - violent games like Minecraft and Fifa. The Woots are - if they wish - also prepared for a change to their 16th year at the Grinders .

When Grinders revolves around the very serious game work. The Grinders are aged 16 or over, play games at home and they come once a week to the FUN-IE-FIT teams and play in their games. Grinders also specialize in parts of the games. After hours of play following a tactical meeting with trainers and top gamers. Tactix does with Grinders teams competitions.

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