Sports is fun, healthy and important for your social contacts. Sports can obviously in the traditional way. Tasty balls at the football club, thrusting the bike at the cycling club, brisk walking or working out. But the FUN-IE-FIT provides sports a new, incredibly fun and playful way: with exergames.

The FUN-IE-FIT is a game hall containing two double and four huge screens playing fields for Wii, Playstation and Xbox. These consoles have endless games that encourage participants especially for more - and good - to move. Gaming is moving to a new dimension. It stimulates your brains and moving is more fun than ever before.

E - sports is a very smart way also to children, adolescents and adults (too) little move back in shape to bring. After all, it is a cool computer. You to move unconsciously and training is wonderful. Experience has shown that even the most hardened couch potatoes went bowling, boxing enthusiast, rafting and swinging along with a music band.

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