Learning packages

For schools, the FUN-IE-FIT has a lot to offer: it is a nice destination for a school trip or a great place to learn what a child finds very difficult. For teachers and teachers there are also workshops that provide insight into the endless possibilities for education.

It is a matter of calling game coach Michaelrobbert Brans and in consultation creating a curriculum together. Once, a half-day or day or a series of extra lessons to get troublesome matters mastered.

Especially for the FUN-IE-FIT are e-learning games for Kinect developed by Saxion: Corporation, Funny fly, My little town, Topography and Bridge-it ( see: e-learning ). These games are ideal for children of basic education specifically.

For teachers , there is also a ' curriculum ' in the form of a workshop. Which instructs participants in a nutshell to hear about the creation of the FUN-IE-FIT, objectives, demonstrations of the four game clusters (click room, game hall, social, chat and chill room and game wall). Everything and all possibilities of FUN-IE-FIT are reviewed. You will also be playing games.

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