The FUN-IE-FIT offers many special opportunities for entrepreneurs because due to the game sports and health center FUN-IE-FIT’s great variety and features it offers an ideal place for presentations, training or team building.

What is possible :

  • Meetings / presentations in a unique and very special environment
  • Mini conferences and symposia
  • Workshops
  • Options for lunch , drinks and dinner
  • Conference calls
  • Special ' relaxation through effort " during meetings

Socially involved

By having your meetings at the FUN-IE-FIT you also support the Klup Twente foundation, an institute for people with disabilities. The FUN-IE-FIT is located in the Master Siebelink House, the activity centre for people with disabilities. You will also find participants in other rooms and the large central hall of the House Siebelink. Through activities in the FUN -IE-FIT the integration and participation of people with disabilities also get boosted.

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