The FUN- IE - FIT is actually suitable for everyone and provides plenty of opportunities for young and old, able-bodied and disabled people ,for sports, for recovery for learning purposes. For everyone can be an activity or program tailor made. Also for companies .

Here are examples, but we can prepare a special program for each target group.

  • Move and game programs for children, young people , aged over 50 , the elderly and very elderly .
  • Training programs tailored for recreational athletes, athletes and professionals – whether or not in a team.
  • Gameklups for people with disabilities
  • Gameklups for gamers (without limitation ) that want to play in a team and want to participate in national and international competitions ( via Tactix )
  • Rehabilitation programs in collaboration with Smienk physiotherapy
  • Combating obesity for children and adults in collaboration with expert trainers Obifit
  • Educational programs for students in special education ( accelerated development of social skills and knowledge through gaming)
  • Excursion programs for institutions and companies
  • Workshops for organizations and businesses
  • company outings
  • children 's parties
  • Day ( sub) programs for the elderly and very elderly (nice for a special outing )
  • Small conferences and symposia

(group) transport can be arranged. Information Gerrit Tijink . Phone 0546 536 822 .

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