The FUN-IE-FIT was developed by the Klup Twente with the help of the University of Twente , the e - Sports Association and LKSVDD architects from Hengelo , and came about without a penny of subsidy from the government. Many companies, funds, service clubs and citizens made this possible by lending their knowledge and donating money. The brand new facility was completed in February 2013 and opened in May 2013 after a thorough testing phase. The opening was led by Jan Slagter and the chairman of the public broadcasting association MAX.

The FUN-IE-FIT was until spring 2012 a rejected gymnasium with an adjacent storeroom, old changing rooms and showers. The space had few uses, equipment was gone, rings removed and the climbing wall was unusable. There was no money for restoration and refurbishment. Added to that, young people at the Klup Twente also wanted to play video games - but there was no budget.

Financial problems made The Klup Twente creative. The team, under the inspiring leadership of CEO and inventor Jan Anema, started working on a whole new kind of gym. So new that funds might be interested in financing. The UT Twente did a feasibility study for a kind of digital gym, the E-sports association became involved, but the thing really took momentum when Martin Huiskes from LKSVDD architects Hengelo brought in his expertise.

Plans were also increasingly more beautiful and more extraordinary. During development came more and more applications of the FUN-IE-FIT. Gaming and moving with mega big screens for a unique experience was one thing, but unprecedented applications (rehabilitation, combating obesity, special skills for children from special education, gaming with the world, sports for able-bodied and disabled gamers) were gradually discovered and fit.

The financing of the FUN-IE-FIT was a challenge from another world. The plans were indeed getting better and better, but the costs were also rising. The initial budget of slightly less than a tonne had soon to be in. Subsidies from the government were nowhere to be seen, but many other parties did see the enormous potential of the unique plan.

Rotary Ballooning Almelo led to a breakthrough. The organization gave the first € 10,000.00 to The Klup for FUN-IE-FIT. More followed. Together with the foundation Roggenkamp Peitsch Fonds, Rabobank and the Roelvink Fund The Klup succeeded in collecting the money needed for the construction. The service clubs in Almelo organized together with the Klup Twente 's Spring Spectacle that fetched € 27,500 and their Night of Almelo earned a hefty contribution of € 11,000. National funds contributed, individuals came with gifts and last but not least, there were companies that gave selflessly or at very low costs invaluable contributions. All the names of the funds, companies, organizations and individuals who made FUN-IE-FIT possible, are immortalized on one of the walls in the FUN-IE-FIT .

Even now the national Skanfonds is still of invaluable help. Since the opening the Skanfonds finances the further development of this unique facility and its still growing applications. The FUN-IE-FIT should serve for other centres in the country as an example. Check out the first pictures of the construction or the video clip.