At FUN-IE-FIT we offer you the opportunity to play games, play sports , or rehabilitate. Both elderly and young children. Bodied and disabled. Wheelchair users and athletes. People with an intellectual disability or a disorder in the autistic spectrum, young people from lower secondary professional education , HAVO and VWO , school children , students of vocational education. For everyone, there are games and programs as required. The FUN-IE-FIT has the following features and spaces:

Game Wall

A specially crafted wall containing ultrafast personal computers for tactical games in the FUN -IE- FIT. There are “game clubs” for young people and children with disabilities. E-Sports Association Tactix rents the FUN-IE-FIT. Everyone can join this game / sport federation. 


The innovative space in the FUN-IE-FIT is GameLab, including various systems on the wall and on the floor. The objective of the GameLab is to experiment with the latest developments in the field of exergamen. In GameLab is including a special floor projection and EYE click technology. Watch this clip.


The main hall of the FUN-IE-FIT offers four Exergame fields with the latest consoles Playstation 3 and 4 , Xbox 360 Kinect and Xbox One, Wii and WiiU. 2 sided, big screens, four fields, insane sound and flashing LED lights delivers a completely new sport experience. Dancing with 2 , 4 or 20 friends ? Only yoga? Boxing according to Olympic rules? Or learn special skills with a really fun game ... the possibilities are endless in the Exergamehall .

Chat and chill room

Meet others . Let us know where you are, invite or share your experiences from the FUN-IE-FIT through one of our social media channels. Stay informed of all the news from one of our social media dashboards . Have a chat, learn new techniques or watch others perform in the cozy and multifunctional chat and chill room . Have a drink or something to eat from our kitchen . The chat and chill room is also a unique venue for workshops , seminars and small conferences or conference calls . And of course you can use it to relax or watch the activities of others. 

Note for participants in a wheelchair with limited or very limited freedom of movement , we have custom controllers from Broadened Horizons from America. These controllers can be operated with one hand, a foot or mouth. The speeds are adaptable to every gamer .

For more information send us a message. We are active on various social media channels. If you want to follow us, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.