FUN-IE-FIT: The digital (virtual) game, sports and health centrum

FUN-IE-FIT is a game, sports and health centre unique in its kind; for the Netherlands and Europe. The game, sports and health centrum is for everyone and serves many purposes. The high tech environment outfitted with the most advanced computer equipment and games encourages people to increase exercising, and consequently improve their health.

Games made exclusively for the centre also help disabled people to learn new skills faster and more efficiently. These would otherwise prove difficult to master. Furthermore, the FUN-IE-FIT is a special location for seminars, conference calls, symposia and congresses. 

Meeting is one of the most important goals of the FUN-IE-FIT. People can of course see and meet each other at the FUN-IE-FIT, but the game, sports and health centrum also stimulates and initiates safe meetings in your living room, community centres and other locations all around the world. This is done through the Internet and Social Media.

One of the most important and most notable feature of the FUN-IE-FIT is that people with and without a disability can play sports together. Reason for this is the artificial intelligence of the computer equipment being able to take over physical functions. As a result, people with a disability are able to match people without a disability in sports like football, ice hockey, etc.


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